Beaumont Hospital Kidney Centre

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The Beaumont Hospital Kidney Centre Wards

The locations of the Beaumont Hospital Kidney Centre wards are highlighted below

Kidney Centre Wards


4th floor First Floor

Dialysis Therapies Centre (Ashlin Centre 1st Floor)

DTC Block

Off Campus

St Marys Urology

 St Mary’s Urology ward is located on the 1st floor.  It is a 16 bedded mixed-specialty ward for urology medical and surgical patients

Tel: 01 809 2292

St Damiens Kidney Transplant Unit

St Damiens Ward St Damiens Transplant Unit

The Kidney transplant unit is located on the 4th floor, and provides services and care to patients referred for the diagnosis and management of a wide range of renal conditions, including post transplant medical management and established transplant Patients who require hospitalisation for the management of transplant problems or recurrent medical problems.

Tel: 01 809 2294

St Peters Ward 

This is a 25 bedded nephrology ward and is situated on the 4th floor. St Peter's Ward provides services and care to patients referred for the diagnosis and management of a wide range of nephrological conditions and for patients on renal replacement therapy requiring hospitalisation.

Tel: 01 809 2290

St Peters Dialysis

This is a 7 stationed unit this includes 4 main staions, a double isolation station and a single isolation station. St Peters Dialysis Unit provides haemodialysis for patients with acute kidney injury..

Tel: 01 809 2723  Email: |

Transplant Coordinators Office

The National Kidney TRansplant Service for the Republic of Ireland is coordinated at Beaumont Hospital.


4th Floor


During office hours (7.30am to 7.00pm)
After hours

Call the Hospital switch at (01) 809 3000 and ask for the transplant coordinator on call.

Tel: 01 809 3119/2759 Email:

Renal Day Care 

Located on the lower ground floor ( old St Martins Room 2) , this facility makes it possible to carry out medical or nursing assessment, investigations and/or procedures on an out-patient basis.  Transplant patients are required to attend the Renal Day Care unit after discharge until the medical team assesses that they are fit to attend the renal outpatient department.

Tel: 01 809 3144 Email:

Home Therapies 

Home Therapies encompasses both Home Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis - The peritoneal dialysis programme was established in 1982 and since that time has played a central role in offering patients an alternative form of renal replacement therapy that they can carry out at home.  The staff involved in this service train patients to carry out their dialysis at home and follow patients up in outpatients and by home visits.  Peritoneal dialysis patients requiring admission are usually admitted to one of the Renal Wards.

Home Haemodialysis -This service is located in new Dialysis Therapies Centre building ( Beside reception)  and provides training on an out-patient basis in Peritoneal Dialysis or Haemodialysis for patients wishing to carry out  dialysis in their own home rather than in the hospital setting. 

Tel: 01 852 8152 Email: |

Tel: 01 852 8363

Patient Care Coordinators

The Patient Care Co-Ordinators is located on the new Dialysis therapies Centre beside Unit 2 and will provide support, advice and liaise with you and your family regarding your choice of renal replacement treatment. They will also be there to help you with any specific social difficulties, liaise with community services on your behalf and advise you on your benefits and entitlements.

Tel: 01 809 2532

Dialysis Therapies Centre Unit 1 & Unit 2

 This state of the art facility continues to be a major provider of haemodialysis treatments in Ireland. It has an increased capacity of 34 stations for regular dialysis treatments including isolation dialysis treatments. This currently operates between the hours of  07:00 to 23:00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

Tel: Unit1: 01 809 2757, Unit2 : 01 797 4646 , Email: |

Renal Counsellor

Counselling is available to help patients and their families come to terms with the diagnosis of end stage kidney disease and the requirement for dialysis or kidney transplantation.  It is a confidential service and can be arranged by phoning the number above, (between the hours of 9am and 5 pm) and asking for bleep 334.

Tel: 01 809 3000 - bleep 334

Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT)

This service has been available to patients of Beaumont Hospital since 2010. Patients residing within the Beaumont Hospital catchment area are served by the North Dublin Community Intervention Team (CIT). Since the launch of the Health Service Executive (HSE) National OPAT programme in early 2013, OPAT is now available to suitable candidates, with coverage to most regions of the country allowing patients to receive treatment in their own homes.

Satellite Dialysis Units Linked to Beaumont Hospital

Northern Cross Dialysis Unit

A number of patients from Beaumont Hospital Dialysis Unit now have their dialysis at Northern Cross, satellite dialysis unit. Northern Cross consultant cover for this unit is provided by nephrologists from Beaumont Hospital.

Tel: 01 866 13 14

Beacon Renal

Beacon Medical Campus is a state-of-the-art therapy centre offering Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis for the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure. It is located in Beacon Court, Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland, with easy road and light rail access and is adjacent to Beacon Hospital.

 Tel: 01 299 8100  Email: