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Our aim is to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients, excellent training to our students and a friendly, stimulating and professional environment for staff.

The information on this site is organised to meet the needs of different types of users. All suggestions for improvement are gratefully received.

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Information for Patients on arrangements for attending Appointments in Beaumont Hospital, St Joseph’s Hospital Raheny & OMNI Outpatient Centre

All elective services for patients that need to attend the hospital for scheduled appointments and procedures are running as normal with some exceptions.

Clinic appointments have been reconfigured to facilitate physical & social distancing. Where appropriate, we are offering telephone and video virtual out-patient consultations to patients, especially for patients with long term conditions who require ongoing management and may not need to attend for their consultation in person.

It is very important that you do not attend for your appointment if you have a temperature or are feeling unwell. Please phone the number on you appointment letter to reschedule

We would like to reassure you that your health and safety is our first priority.   We will continue to adapt and change our service to meet the needs of our patients in accordance with national guidance. 

This link outlines what you should expect if you have to come to Beaumont Hospital - 





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Enhanced Visiting Arrangements - Updated Sept 1st

Restricted visiting continues at Beaumont Hospital to protect our patients from COVID-19. Visiting is permitted for vulnerable patients and on compassionate grounds. The Clinical Nurse Manager will advise on patients who are permitted visitors.  Please contact the ward directly to discuss. 

All visitors are asked to present their Covid-19 vaccination certificate on arrival to the hospital.

Staff continue to be available to assist patients with technology as required in terms of electronic communication i.e. Zoom.  If you wish to arrange a video call with your loved one while they are in Hospital, please contact the ward.

All visitors attending hospital must adhere to (1) Temperature check (2) Hand Hygiene (3) Face coverings.  

Patient Comfort Packages  We appreciate that this continues to be a difficult time for patients and their families. Please contact the ward if you wish to avail of our “Patient Care Package”  whereby- clean clothes, toiletries, reading material and non-perishable food items may be dropped at the main reception desk between 12pm and 7pm daily . Arrangements can also be made for a video call with patients by contacting the ward.

Thank you for your cooperation.