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Beaumont Hospital is a large academic teaching hospital which employs approximately 3,000 staff with has 820 beds. The Hospital provides emergency and acute care services across 54 medical specialties to a local community of some 290,000 people. In addition, the Hospital is a designated Cancer Centre and the Regional Treatment Centre for Ear, Nose and Throat, and Gastroenterology. Beaumont is also the National Referral Centre for Neurosurgery and Neurology, Renal Transplantation, and Cochlear Implantation. St. Joseph's Hospital, Raheny, is under the management of Beaumont Hospital Board  since 2004. St. Joseph's is an acute Hospital providing both Medical and Surgical in-patient care, Day Care Services, Outpatient Physiotherapy and Radiology services. 

Renal Services


   Transplantation, Urology & Nephrology Directorate


TUN Directorate


TUN Directorate at Beaumont Hospital is the largest referral center in Ireland for the specialty of nephrology and dialysis and is the national referral center of renal and pancreatic transplantation. The unit provides a fully comprehensive range of multidisciplinary services for patients with renal disease which include:

Provision of Services
  • The diagnosis and management of patients with chronic renal disease.
  • Temporary dialysis support for tertiary referral patients with acute renal failure.
  • The provision of a comprehensive programme of renal replacement therapy for patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD). Renal replacement therapy offers integrated treatment modalities including in-patient regular haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis (CAPD and CCPD) and a vigorous renal transplant programme.
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange treatment for the management of neurological and renal immunological disorders.
  • A Home Haemodialysis programme.
The total bed number for the directorate is 64 which includes
  • St Peters Nephrology Wards 26 beds.
  • St Damiens Transplant Unit 21 beds.
  • St Mary's Urology ward 16 beds.
The facilities for Haemodialysis includes
  • 4 station acute haemodialysis facility.
  • 3 Station acute isolation unit.
  • 34 station regular haemodialysis facility in DTC
  • 4 station regualr Isolation unit in DTC

Other facilities within the directorate include:

  • Rapid access service.
  • Urodynamics department.
  • Transplant coordination centre.



The Dialysis Centre at Beaumont Hospital is a major provider both of acute and out patient maintenance haemodialysis services both within the region and Ireland delivering 30,000 haemodialysis treatments annually.  There is also a Plasmapheresis service provided by haemodialysis trained staff to the nephrology, transplant, haematology and neurology services. There are also two satellite haemodialysis units in the region, Northern Cross and Beacon Renal. Consultant medical cover for these units is provided by nephrologists from Beaumont Hospital.

Contact details: (01) 809 2730/2731. Email:

Peritoneal Dialysis

The peritoneal dialysis programme was established in 1982 and since that time has played a central role in offering patients an alternative form of renal replacement therapy that they can carry out at home.  The staff involved in this service train patients to carry out their dialysis at home and follow patients up in outpatients and by home visits.  Peritoneal dialysis patients requiring admission are usually admitted to the Nephrology Ward.  Out-patient services are provided in the CAPD Unit on the third floor Hamilton Ward. Contact details: (01) 809 3146. (01) 852 8152 Email:

Home Haemodialysis

In 2009 Beaumont Hospital commenced a home haemodialysis programme to give patients an alternative treatment option. This treatment modality allows patients to dialyse at home without the constraints of a hospital setting thus leading to improved patient outcomes and enhanced quality of life. This programme also gives renal patients  control of their renal replacement therapy with a network of hospital support  and ongoing evaluation. Nocturnal dialysis is also offered as a modality within our unit. Contact details: (01) 852 8363 Email:


The National Organ Procurement Service for the Republic of Ireland is coordinated through the Organ Procurement Office at Beaumont Hospital.

The service was established in 1986 with the appointment of a transplant coordinator. There are five coordinators in post, with full and part-time secretarial support.


The Organ Procurement Office is location in the link corridor on the fourth floor.


During office hours (7.30am to 7.00pm)
After hours
Call the Hospital switch at (01) 809 3000 and ask for the transplant coordinator on call.

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