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Renal Counselling Service

The Renal Counselling Service is located in the Dialysis Therapy Centre in Beaumont Hospital.
Whether you are an in-patient or an out-patient counselling is available for you or any member of your family, partner/spouse/adult children/parents.You can avail of it as a support in coming to terms with your diagnosis. coping with life on dialysis, pre and post transplant. It is a process where you are given the opportunity and the time to talk about yours concerns, worries and feelings. The aim, that with support, ways are found to alleviate stress and manage your present situation in a collaborative and supportive way. 


The service is available on a part-time basis Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

You can contact the Renal Counsellor by leaving a message on Direct Dial 01-8092751.

   Alison Larkin          

   Alison Larkin

   (Renal Counsellor)