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Conference 2016

TUN Conference 2016 Poster

Presenters & Presentations


Melanie Mcdonnell


Ms Melanie McDonnell

Directorate Nurse Manager, Trasnplant Urology & Nephrology, Beaumont Hospital.

Presentation: Opening word and Welcome speech


Bernice Curtis


Ms Bernice Curtis

Senior Dietician, Nutrition & Dietetics Department, Beaumont Hospital

Presentation: Development of a Renal Nutrition Website

Ron Grainger


Mr Ron Grainger

FIT FOR LIFE Ambassador- World  Transplant Games Federation

Presentation: Physical Activity and Sports post Transplant




Ms Helen Dunne

Course Co-Ordinator, TUN directorate, Beaumont Hospital

Presentation: Nurse Perception of the Patient Safety Culture in Irish Renal Units




Dr Siobhn McHale

Consultant Psychiatrist, Beaumont Hospital

Presentation: Management of Patients with Chronic Renal Failure and Low Mood




Ms Helen Spooner

Advanced Nurse Practitioner, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Presentation: Advanced Nurse Practise in Vascular Access




Ms Catherine Taylor

Senior Medical Scientist, NHISSOT, Beaumont Hospital

Presentation: Windows to Transplant for the longest waiting patients




Dr Colm Magee

Consultant Nephrologist, Beaumont Hospital.

Presentation: Paired Kidney Exchange-A new response to the sensitized patient




Dr Malcolm A Lewis

Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital.

Presentation: Treatment for whose benefit: A paediatric journey through renal failure




Dr Declan DeFreitas

Consultant Nephrologist, Beaumont Hospital.

Presentation: Optimising Transition from the Paediatric to the Adult Centre



Courtney_Keely  Angela_Bagnell

Ms Courtney Keely                   Ms Angela Bagnell (Patient Care Co-Ordinator)

Presentation: A Patient Story-Transitioning from Paediatric to Adult Service


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