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Cochlear Implant Assessment

What happens during the assessment?

During the assessment, members of the team will carry out a range of tests and spend time discussing all aspects of implantation with you, in order to ascertain whether you, or your child, might benefit from an implant.  The tests usually include:

  • Detailed hearing assessments
  • A hearing aid trial to determine benefit with appropriately fitted amplification
    • Children are fitted by their local HSE audiology provider
    • Adults' hearing aids will be assessed to determine if they are appropriate for their hearing loss.
    • Attending a private hearing aid dispenser is at the discretion of the parent/guardian or patient though this will not expediate the assessment process
    • Medical examinations
    • MRI /CT scans (specialised photographs of the inner ear and hearing pathways)
    • Measures of speech, language and overall communication ability
    • Measure of listening/lip reading skills.

Other parts of the assessment process include:

  • Counselling sessions completed during assessment appointments to provide information about cochlear implants and pre- and post-implant management
  • Parent-centered group information sessions for parents of children
  • Pre-operative information session for adults and their family/friends
  • Introduction to parents/guardians of a child with an implant or to an adult implant recipient

Who carries out the tests?

Members of our cochlear implant team, who are all specialists in their own fields. The team will usually include:

  • ENT Surgeons
  • Audiological Scientists
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Teacher of the Deaf for Children
  • Other experts, such as radiologists and psychologists, are also involved