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Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Symptomatic Breast Care (Physiotherapy)

Oncology and Radiation Oncology Service

A service is provided by Physiotherapists to inpatients admitted under our Consultant Oncologists and outpatients attending the oncology day ward at Beaumont hospital. 

We also care for patients admitted by Radiation Oncologists from St. Lukes Radiation Oncology centre at Beaumont Hospital and any outpatient referrals for those who are on radiation treatment at the Beaumont centre.

The goal of treatment for all patients is to maximise independence and optimise quality of life. We strive to support a patient in every step of their cancer journey. Treatment may include respiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation.

Symptomatic Breast Care Service

Breast cancer patients having surgery in Beaumont Hospital are seen by a physiotherapist on the day of their breast surgery and post discharge from hospital in an outpatient setting for education, treatment and exercise regimens as required.

Patient information leaflets developed by our physiotherapists are based on evidence based practice and are updated regularly.

A lymphoedema treatment service is available to all patients of Beaumont Hospital with a history of breast cancer via a referral from their hospital doctor.

Beaumont Hospital lymphoedema service was the first service in Ireland to create a Lymphoedema awareness wristband for our patients to prevent the affected arm being used for blood tests and intravenous lines.  Please see our Lymphoedema awareness poster.

See Beaumont Hospital Breast Center for more information on Symptomatic Breast Services that are offered.

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