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About us

The Stomacare Department is an integral part of the Department of Colorectal Surgery.  Two full-time Stomacare Nurses provide care for patients with stomas and wound problems.

The term "stoma" refers to an artificial opening created surgically for patients to allow their urine or faeces to leave their body by a new route.


The Clinical Nurse Specialists in Stomacare provide both in-patient and outpatient care for patients with all types of stomas, including ileostomy, ileoanal pouch, colostomy, urostomy and continent urostomy, and enterocutaneous fistula. Your stomacare nurse provides

  • Preoperative information, consultation, stoma marking, and postoperative care and follow up to help ensure a smooth recovery and to return you to normal daily life as soon as possible.
  • individualized care and instruction at the bedside before and after surgery, and in the outpatients department and stoma clinic, and by phone when you are at home.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist is board-certified by her/his professional organization and has received special training.  He/She keeps abreast of state-of-art equipment and treatment programmes and quickly makes innovations available to patients according to best evidence-based practice.


All patients who have had stoma surgery in the Richmond/Jervis Street Hospitals or Beaumont Hospital or who are attending Beaumont Hospital can be reviewed by the Stomacare Department.



Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.30pm


We are located between Clinics C and D in the Outpatients Department on the ground floor.

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