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Chemical Pathology

About Us

The Chemical Pathology Department provides a comprehensive suite of routine and specialised tests including:

  • General BiochemistryINABLogoJPEG
  • Endocrinology
  • HbA1c
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Serum & Urine Elecrophoresis and Immunofixation
  • CSF Xanthochromia
  • Plasma Free Metanephrines, Urine Catecholamines, Metanephrines & Metabolites
The full scope of INAB accreditation in the laboratory is available here.


Chemical Pathology User's Manual

The Beaumont Hospital Laboratory Services Users Guide outlines the tests available in the department -  patient preparation, sample requirements, turnaround times, reference intervals/clinical decision values and additional information.

Chemical Pathology Recent Memoranda

Prolactin Assay
Adusted Calcium
Changes in Test Profiles
Changes to Lipid Profile
PSA Method
Vitamin D Testing

Interference in Laboratory Tests

Many laboratory tests are subject to interference by endogenous or exogenous factors which may alter the true concentration of a substance within the body, or cause analytical interference giving a potentially erroneous or misleading result.

All samples are routinely checked for Haemolysis, Lipaemia and Icterus which can interfere with laboratory tests to varying extends.  Significant levels of any of these may affect the quality of some test results which will be highlighted and/or removed from the individual report.

Drug interferences are also commonly encountered, a summary list is available here.

Tests results should be interpreted in conjunction with the clinical findings and if interference is suspected please contact the laboratory where further information on each test method is available.

Further Information & Guidance on Laboratory Testing

National Pathology Handbook: Laboratory Testing for Lipids
National Pathology Handbook: Laboratory Testing for Hyperprolactinaemia
National Pathology Handbook: Laboratory Testing for Vitamin D
National Pathology Handbook: Laboratory Testing for Tumour Marks
National Pathology Handbook: Use of Thyroid Function Tests in Primary Care
National Pathology Handbook: National Prostate Cancer GP Referral Guideline
National Pathology Handbook: Laboratory Testing for Natiuretic Peptides (NP) - BNP/NT-proBNP

Protocol for Sending CSF Samples to Beaumont for Xanthochromia Analysis

Chemical Pathology Contact Details

 Name / Service  Telephone
Dr Shari Srinivasan (Consultant Chemical Pathologist) (01) 809 2676
Dr Ingrid Borovickova (Consultant Chemical Pathologist)  (01) 809 3944
Alison Griffin (Chief Medical Scientist)
(01) 809 2670
Miriam Shinners (Chief Medical Scientist)
(01) 809 2670
Specialist Registrar

(01) 809 2666/ (01)

8093000 bleep # 332

Pathology Reception / Test Results
(01) 809 2507
Clinical Biochemistry Main Laboratory

(01) 809 2704 /

2668 / 2671

Proteins Laboratory (01) 809 2305
Mass Spectrometry laboratory

(01) 809 2351 / 

2673 / 2675

The full scope of INAB accreditation in the laboratory is available hereThe