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OPD Referral Process

 We no longer accept faxes for referrals and patient correspondence in and out of Beaumont Hosptial.  Please see below for more information

We have discontinued the use of fax machines for all referrals and patient correspondence into and out of Beaumont Hospital. The email addresses below are for all referrals into the Hospital where HealthLinks cannot be used.  This is not a conclusive list and will up be updated regularly.  We encourage all referrals to come through HealthLink as this is the safest and most appropriate method however as some GP practices do not have access to Healthlink the email addresses below will be an alternative method of referral.  Other correspondance from referrrs  containing patient identifiable information must come from an account

Please see link HERE for all Department Referrals (updated Aug 2020)

Please see Link HERE for all ward email addresses

Who Can Make Referrals? 

A patient can be referred to a specialist in one of our Outpatient Department clinics by

  • A General Practitioner (GP)
  • A Beaumont Hospital Consultant - If the patient is attending a Beaumont Hospital consultant as an outpatient or in-patient, that consultant may refer the patient to another Beaumont Hospital specialist for their opinion.
  • An External Consultant - A consultant from another hospital can refer the patient to Beaumont for a  second opinion or for a service that the other hospital does not provide.
  • The Emergency Department may also refer a patient to the Outpatient Department. 

Referral Letters

Referral Letters should contain the following information:

  • Full GP and practice details or External Consultant name and External Agency.
  • Complete patient demographic data, including the correct name spelling and date of birth.
  • Patient telephone numbers. These are important in instances when we may be able to offer a patient an earlier or cancelled appointment.
  • All relevant clinical information.
  • Information on any relevant pathology or x-ray tests.

Delivering Referral Letters

By Post - Address the letter to Secretary to [insert name of Consultant & Speciality], Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, 9.

By Hand - Deliver the letter to OPD Appointments at the Outpatient Registration Desk.

By Email - Please see referal email addresses in the link above

The Clinic Search feature has a list of secretary phone numbers. Please do not fax in referral letters

All referral letters upon receipt are prioritised by the Consultant or Senior Registrar as to whether the patient is given an "urgent," "soon," or "routine" appointment.

Urgent Referrals

If a GP/External Consultant wishes to contact a Consultant regarding an urgent referral, the Consultant’s secretary should be contacted in the first instance. The Find a Doctor lists secretary phone numbers.