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Freedom of Information

What is Freedom of Information?

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 gives you the right to access records held by the FOI body.

If you have  not been provided with the information you have requested, the FOI body must give you an explanation, and this must normally be made within 4 weeks (20 working days).  There may be certain conditions when the deadline can be extended for a further 4 weeks.

What Record can I Request?

You can Request for any of the following.

  • Personal Information
  • All other Non Personal records created after the effective date

Can I ask for a review or appeal a decision that has been made under the FOI Act 2014?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the decision made by the FOI Body,  you can seek an internal review of the decision which is a complete and new review of your request by someone more senior. The name of the internal reviewer will be provided on the Final Decision letter to the requester.  If following this you are still not satisfied you can appeal this decision to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Are there other ways of obtaining my own Personal Information if I did not wish to make a request under the FOI Act 2014?

Yes. Personal Information can also be obtained by making a Subject Access Request. See how to apply for your records HERE

Contacts for any information regarding any FOI Request

FOI Officer, Tel 01-8092866 or E-mail:

For other forms of access to information for a requester’s own personal information  the following contact can be used:

Routine Access: Tel 8092873 or E-mail:

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