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Beaumont/RCSI Researchers lead landmark study to transform stroke treatment worldwide

Monday March 30, 2015

Researchers from Beaumont Hospital and the RCSI have taken part in a major international study which is set to revolutionise the treatment of stroke. The study has shown that a clot retrieval procedure, known as endovascular treatment (ET) results in a dramatic improvement in patient outcomes and a reduction in disability and deaths from stroke. The results of this study have recently been published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. 

The international trial was carried out at 22 sites worldwide and included patients referred to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin from ten centres across Ireland, and from hospitals in Canada, the US, UK and South Korea.   The study involved patients who had suffered an acute ischemic stroke, which is caused by a clot in the brain, and accounts for 80% of all strokes.  Overall, positive outcomes for patients receiving the new ‘clot removal' treatment increased from 30%to 55%. In many cases, instead of suffering major neurological disability, patients went home to resume their lives. 

Professor David Williams (left), Associate Professor in Geriatric and Stroke Medicine, RCSI and Consultant Stroke Physician at Beaumont Hospital and Dr John Thornton (Right), Consultant Neuroradiologist & Clinical Stroke Lead at Beaumont Hospital were the co-leads in Ireland for the study which has been described as the most significant development in stroke treatment in the past two decades and has the potential to improve survival rates and quality of life of more than 15 million people worldwide who suffer a stroke each year.

Beaumont is delighted to be associated with this ground-breaking trial and congratulate Prof. Williams and Dr. Thornton who demonstrate the world-class expertise of clinical researchers here in Ireland.

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