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Best Clinical Practices & Challenges in Diagnosing & Treating Atypical Wounds - Author Julie Jordan O'Brien, RANP Plastics/ Oncology

Wednesday July 03, 2019

Congratulations to Julie Jordan O’Brien, RANP Plastics/Oncology who co-authored a document on atypical wounds caused by inflammation, malignancy and chronic illnesses aimed at wound healthcare professionals worldwide.  This document outlines the current best clinical practice and challenges in diagnosing and treating atypical wounds and was recently launched at the prestigious European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Annual Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.  It is available to download as a supplement to the Journal of Wound Care in June 2019 (you just need to register online) until Sept 2019 it will then be available on the EWMA website free. 

The picture above is of Author Group in Sweden at the launch of the Atypical wounds document.  Julie Jordan O'Brien, RANP Plastics/ Oncology in Beaumont Hospital (2nd left in photo) author and co-editor would like to thank the author group and contributors to the document including the plastics team and in particular Mr Barry O'Sullivan, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Julie Jordan