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Neurosurgery Transfer Pack

Please see important information below required to process your patients transfer to

Beaumont Hospital Neurosurgery Service


Your patient has been referred for further management at the National Neurosurgical Centre at Beaumont Hospital. In order to process the transfer we kindly request that you download and complete the attached documentation.

Please use the new phone number 1800-Trauma / 1800-872-862 to refer Traumatic Brain Injuries to the National Neurosciences Centre (NNC) at Beaumont Hospital.  For all other referrals please use the existing number.

NeurO-PAS form:

Download this form for any BRAIN/ SPINE TUMOUR patient you are due to transfer. You do not need to complete the form, however you will be contacted by our NeurO-PAS Physician Associate or Nurse Specialist, who will require all the patient details referred to on pages 1 - 3 of this form.  Please have this information available. 

Requested test results MUST be emailed to: in advance of the patient’s transfer to Beaumont.

Commitment for repatriation form:

Download and complete the form with the name of the Consultant Surgeon or Physician who will be accepting care of your patient back once their management is completed in Beaumont.

Please note, Emergency Medicine Consultants cannot re-admit patients therefore the oncall Medical /Surgical Consultant should be made aware of the patient and accept their care prior to transfer.  This form should be signed by this Consultant where possible, or if not, by their Registrar on the Consultant’s behalf.

This form MUST be emailed to in advance of the patient's transfer to Beaumont.

MRI Beaumont protocol:

When requesting MRI scan for brain Tumour patients, please ask your Radiology Department to INCLUDE the following sequence to their pre-existing MRI tumour protocol:

MPR T1 post gadolinium in the axial plane at 1mm slice thickness with an expanded field of view to include: the soft tissues from C1 to a few mm past the vertex AND from a few mm past each pinna AND a few mm on either side of the tip of the nose to occiput.

Please see the protocol above and give this to your MRI department for reference.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Kind regards,

Neurosurgery Department, Beaumont Hospital