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Facts about Organ Donation in Ireland

Facts about Organ Donation in Ireland

Organ and tissue donation is a service that saves lives, improves the quality of life, and has cost benefits for the health service.

  • Ireland has one of the highest rates of donation in the world: 20.3 donors pmp.
  • All organ donors in Ireland are people who have died in hospital whilst on a ventilator. Death under these circumstances is determined by the absence of brain function. Brain stem tests are carried out to determine this. Two doctors perform the tests. The medical staff performing the tests must be independent of the transplantation.
  • A person's decision to help other people through transplantation does not permit the removal of organs for any other purpose. An organ is never removed for transplantation unless a recipient has been identfied.
  • If you wish to become an organ donor after your death you should inform your next of kin of your intentions. Your next of kin would always be asked for consent in order for donation to proceed. Consent is never presumed, even if a donor card has been signed.
  • The majority of the world's religions support organ donation.