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Organisational Development Division

About us

The Organisational Development Department was established in 2006 with the appointment of Anne McNeely in the newly created role of Head of Organisational Change and Development which forms part of the Office of the CEO.  The role was created as part of a revised management structure, aimed at implementing change through integrating operational and clinical management with strategic planning, transition and whole systems change.

In the present dynamic healthcare environment it is vital that Beaumont Hospital, as a leading edge acute teaching hospital, influences wider change in the Irish Health Services.  The Organisational Development Department therefore is a significant strategic development in terms of preparing the hospital for ongoing strong identity in the provision of health care in the North East region.  A key objective is to keep staff and managers fully briefed of new developments and ensure early engagement with them regarding the implications and opportunities for the Hospital.

Beaumont Hospital is committed to improving the quality and range of services to patients and its Organisational Development Programme is aimed at delivering lasting change that significantly enhances overall performance of the hospital and improves the patient experience. The work of the Organisational Development Department can be divided in to 5 streams, as follows;

Organisational Design

Restructuring to a less hierarchical, directorate model which enables working in multidisciplinary directorates, with devolved decision making. Decisions are therefore made closest to the point of action, as opposed to through hierarchical, fragmented managerial arrangements.

The model of directorates with maximum resources being managed in the context of specific patient groupings, supported by well functioning clinical/diagnostic services and corporate facilities and infrastructure was agreed to be a better fit for Beaumont Hospital.

Managing Culture Change

Promoting dignity & respect at work, customer care and organisational values and patient engagement.

Operational Excellence

Introduction and delivery of new approaches to improve efficiency, ie project management methodology, team-based performance management, key performance indicators, process mapping. The hospital is committed to continuous quality improvement, audit and evaluation towards achievement of international standards and benchmarks

Corporate Identity & Communications

Development of a strong convincing corporate image and implementation of improved communication flows internally. The post of Communications Manager was established to develop a wider hospital communications strategy to allow the CEO and Senior Exec developing a more strategic external focus.

Leadership & Management Development

The hospital strives to have in place empowered, well informed staff. A Training Needs Analysis was conducted and feedback prompted a new Management Development Programme and other leadership and development initiatives.  In addition, the SKILL Programme was prioritised to for role development of support staff and Beaumont Hospital is a critical mass site for this national programme.

The Communications and Learning & Development functions are part of the Organisational Development Division.


Head of Organisational Development / Deputy CEO (01) 809 2177
Head of Learning & Development (01) 809 2342

Communications Manager (01) 809 2867

SKILL Programme Coordinator (01) 797 4771
Project Officer (01) 797 4750
Project Officer  (01) 809 2030
Learning & Development (01) 809 2562
Learning & Development Administration (01) 809 3097
A/Project Officer (01) 797 4750