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Communications Department

About us

The Communications Office works with Hospital leaders to implement the Beaumont Hospital Communications Strategy, which lays out the plan to advance the Hospital Strategy, while satisfying patient and staff information needs and helping the Hospital navigate times of accelerated external and internal change.

The following five objectives of the Communications Strategy have been approved by the Hospital Board. For each objective, there is a set of strategic actions, each sponsored by a member of the Sr. Executive.

  1. Promote effective dialogue between staff and management. Increasing opportunities to provide feedback on organisational and local area issues will raise staff satisfaction levels and help to build understanding, support, and advocacy for Beaumont leadership and transformation activities.

  2. Advance the hospital’s external reputation and position as a leader in healthcare. Raising awareness of the good work we do will increase staff and patient satisfaction and ultimately produce good health outcomes for patients.

  3. Build a strong identity to support the Hospital’s transformation. A value-based brand that reflects the current change in culture and new operational priorities will strengthen staff resiliency, deepen pride, and give organisational changes that require strong staff support a better chance of success.

  4. Encourage patient-centred communications. Patient-centred communications are respectful and responsive to patient needs, beliefs, values, and preferences and lead to good health outcomes. By fostering such communications at Beaumont, the Hospital will provide higher quality patient care and advance its reputation as a patient-centered institution.

  5. Establish conditions for communications excellence. To position the Hospital’s communications for success, the Communications Office will nurture linkages between departments and roles, formulate and support relevant policies and guidelines, and optimize key communications channels.


  • Strategic leadership and change management communications
  • Leadership of Beaumont Hospital Communications Network
  • Guidelines and standards for key communication tools
  • Branding strategies
  • Communication competency development
  • Strategic bi-monthly periodical (Connections) and weekly newsletter production
  • Intranet and internet information design and management
  • Surveying
  • Select event coordination