Beaumont Hospital

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The Non-Invasive Vascular Unit

The Beaumont Hospital Vascular Unit uses non-invasive ultrasound methods to assess arterial and venous anatomy and haemodyanmics.  Early disease detection, disease progression, the effectiveness of intervention and post intervention surveillance techniques are integrated in past and ongoing research.

Previous areas of research include:

  • Endothelial dysfunction in young male smokers
  • Familial incidence and early detection of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • Role of Duplex pre AVF creation
  • Severity of Disease Audit
  • Lower limb swelling post ankle fracture.

Current areas of research include:

  • Collaboration with the Departments of Surgery and Radiology:
    • EVAR follow up
    • Surgical techniques in Varicose Vein surgery.
    • Lower Limb Graft Surveillance Audit
  • Collaboration with Dr Diarmuid Smith, Endocrinology Unit:
    • Role of a glycoprotein in Diabetic Vascular disease.
  • Collaboration with Professor Marie Guidon, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland:
    • PVD exercise program
  • Collaboration with Ms. Carolyn Collins of the Dublin Institute of Technology:
    • Mechanical methods in flight-related DVT prevention.

Dr. Patricia FitzGerald
Non Invasive Vascular Unit