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Research into Motor Neurone Disease

About Our Research

The MND Research Group is committed to carrying out high quality research projects until such a time as a cure for MND is discovered.   The group is currently involved in several projects which stem from past research and include novel ideas worthy of exploration.

The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Register

This register is located in the National Centre for Neuroscience where it has recorded the details of those affected by MND.  Currently, the database has clinical information on almost 1,500 patients.

A Family History Study of patients with MND in Ireland

The cause of motor neuron disease (MND) is not known.  The purpose of this study is to estimate the contribution of genetics to the cause of MND by comparing the family history of individuals with the disease to the family history of individuals without the disease.


EURALS is a Pan-European Registry of Motor Neurone Disease.

A Study of Exercise and Trauma as Risk Factors in MND

A study designed to evaluate the contribution of exercise, injury and medical treatments to the development of MND.

A Study of Dementia in MND

This is the first study of its kind in Ireland.  The project aims to establish the incidence of dementia in MND patients and to what extent this dementia occurs.

Genetic Studies in MND

Researchers based at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin have provided new insights into the causes of motor neuron disease by describing a series of genes that may increase the risk for MND.

Professor Orla Hardiman
Consultant Neurologist